PH460 Super Narrow Bezel Series
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As Close as It Gets

The unbelievably thin bezel on BenQ high brightness PH460 makes the viewing experience unbeatable. Virtually invisible at a distance, the ultra-narrow 5.4mm distance from a bezel edge to the adjacent one in addition to the 10x10 array capability is perfect for seamless video walls.

Key Features:
  • B-B 5.4mm
  • High brightness (700 cd/m2)
  • DVI daisy chain
  • Multiple display administrator
  • Color calibration

Super Narrow Bezel

The super-narrow bezel of the P Series achieves a incredible 5.4mm active-active gap (3.4mm top and left; 2.0mm bottom and right) to provide the audience with a virtually seamless viewing experience. As screens are close to each other, they bring viewers closer to your message as well.*

10x10 Video Wall

Designed for large video walls, the P Series supports the array configuration of up to 10x10 displays in OSD setting with a splitter. The feature plus the super-thin bezel is bound to bring your audience a colossal, immersive viewing experience.


The MDA (Multiple Display Administrator) application controls multiple & discrete displays simultaneously through the local network or serial port; it also monitors the health of displays and coordinates a sequential startup to prevent power surges.
*Controlling up to 98 units (RS232), unlimited units (LAN)

Color Calibration

The optional BenQ Color Calibration solution is great for managing a number of displays. It unifies the color profile of every screen for the best aggregated presentation through a central PC without the need to manually adjust each unit. A true time-saver.


DisplayPort is a new standard for digital audio/video transmission. With the whopping 10.8Gbps bandwidth, the DisplayPort keeps your contents attractive, distortion-free in longer distances than conventional DVI and HDMI.

RS232 / LAN Control

BenQ P Series supports remote administration via the built-in RJ45 Ethernet or the RS232 serial interface. Routine tasks such as OSD settings and firmware upgrades can be performed on the control server to the daisy-chained displays.

Digital Daisy Chain

Ths feature allows you to deliver high-quality mirrored contents to different locations, or to build a huge multi-display, single-image video wall through one DVI port on the controller PC without the need for splitters.

Anti-Image Retention

In commercial environments where images would stay for hours, image retention becomes a problem on consumer displays. PID panels designed for digital signage prevents the burned-in effect even after an extended period of usage.

24 / 7 Operation

The P Series has an amazing average life of 50,000 hours - enough for several years of non-stop service. With the reliable industrial-class performance and sturdy build, the BenQ digital signage displays are in fact more economic then consumer models.

Ambient Light Sensor

A sensor automatically adjusts screen brightness according to the lighting condition of the surrounding environment. Since the power usage adapts intelligently with the ambient light, the display can reduce energy consumption by 40% to 50%.

High Brightness

For compelling digital signage in shopping malls, transportating hubs, and sports and entertainment facilities, the BenQ PH460 is a smart choice. 700 cd/m2 brightness and 4000:1 contrast ratio assure excellent visibility, even in window-facing indoor settings with hig ambient light.

Scheduling Management

The feature enables users to designate up to seven sets of on/off time for P Series displays down to individual video input sources. This not only eliminates the need to switch displays on/off manually, but also cuts power bills with precise agendas.

10-bit PID Panel

The panel is capable of displaying 10-bit levels for each primary color, that's 1073.7-million colors in total. This helps producing smooth, rich images with no visible color banding for extremely vivid effective contents.

Auto Cooling System

To ensure a longer service life, lower maintenance cost and better safety, the P Series has Auto Cooling features built in. The system turns the cooling fan on automatically if the internal temperature reaches a certain level.

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